Getting Started with R for Busy People

Online Course by Olivier Simard-Casanova

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My name is Olivier Simard-Casanova. I am a freelance economist (since 2012), statistician (since 2014), and science communicator (since 2015) — and I am the author of this course. Learn more about me →.
Bonjour !

Have you ever wanted to learn R, but were too busy to explore the Internet to find a good introductory course? I am offering you one, specificially designed for busy people.

— Olivier

What You Will Learn

  • How to work productively with R, RStudio and the popular Tidyverse.
  • How to import and prepare your data.
  • How to do basics and advanced statistics.
  • How to make beautiful plots.
  • How to make your code future-proof.
  • How to dive deeper into R.

What the Course is

  • The course is for everyone, regardless of your field (you do not need to be an economist to take this course) and experience with R and writing code
  • The course does not just teach you the basics of R. The course also teaches you how to work productively with R, and how to learn more by yourself post-completion. Busy people need to work productively — today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
  • The course is built upon my personal knowledge and experience. I wrote my first line of R code in 2014 during my PhD. I learned R all by myself. The course is the course I wish I had when I got started in 2014. When you are a busy person, you do not have the luxury to spend years learning by trial-and-error.
  • The course teaches you how to use R in real life. Things often do not go according to plan. A good introductory course is a course where you learn how to recover quickly when it happens.
  • The course is built so that you can easily get back to it post-completion. Use it as a reference point.
  • The course is text-based so that you can search its content easily. Videos are great, but they are not searchable.
  • The course is enjoyable and rewarding. Writing code is great, learning is great. And R, RStudio and the Tidyverse are also great!

What the Course is not

  • The course is not a comprehensive introductory course. You will learn what you need to use R productively. No more, no less.
  • The course is not a crash course. We will not cut corners.
  • The course is not long, but the course is not super short either. When you are a busy person, it makes sense to take one extra hour today to learn something that will save a lot more hours tomorrow.

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The Basics

Get your Data Ready

Statistics and Plots

Make your Code Future-Proof